What's CMC094 all about?

The 094 Story...

The Clarington Chapter of the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers was founded in January of 2013 and currently enjoys a membership of around 80...and growing! We have members from all areas surrounding the Clarington area, ranging from Oshawa to Cobourg and beyond, including Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Port Perry, Blackstock...and surrounding areas.

Run by a dedicated team of volunteer officers working hard behind the scenes to make the club fun and enjoyable, we hope you'll join us and share in our passion as both motorcyclists, but motorcyclists who enjoy the social aspect of the CMC.

Where, when, and what do we ride?
Our members ride a huge variety of motorcycles ranging from metric cruisers, to Harleys, Goldwings, sportbikes, sport touring, and yes, even Spyders. It's all the same wind - we don't care what you ride, as long as you ride!
Our rides can vary greatly.  Regularly through the riding season, whenever possible, we host a "Mobile Meet & Greet" - a short after-work ride that gives everyone an opportunity to get out and decompress while having some fun social time.    
The chapter also runs destination based BBQ rides where we all ride to a local conservation area or park and enjoy a club operated BBQ for all participants to enjoy. "Simple But Social" is the plan.
Of course, we also offer bigger, longer, and more adventurous rides for those looking for that sort of riding. In the past our chapter has had rides that have covered different provinces and many US States, and one of our members is hoping to ride to Nunavut (yes, it's possible!) during the 2023 riding season. There's also a few "Iron Butt" endurance riders amongst us who crave endurance rides, so we've got that covered as well.
In between all of the above, members will often post casual evening or weekend day trips for ice cream, butter tarts, or a quick lunch or dinner somewhere. If there's food involved, chances are we'll end up there sooner or later! Chapter 094 likes to laughingly refer to ourselves as "An eating club with a riding disorder"!
In all seriousness, we do have a goal aside from eating and having fun, CMC094 has over it's lifespan has helped with a wide variety of charitable work and volunteering, including tens of thousands of dollars in charitable donations made possible by the generosity of our membership. Our past major donations include both funds and other forms of support provide to local Nursing Homes, funds for the construction of a new Clarington hospice, food banks including "Feed The Need In Durham", the Clarington animal shelter, Wildlife rescues, the Salvation Army, and many more.   

In January 2023 we were proud to donate $1200 we raised (thanks to our members) to charity, this year including once again, the Salvation Army in Bowmanville and Feed The Need in Durham, both charities that help a lot of citizens in our region who need a leg up.
Our chapter operates on a totally non-profit basis with none of our officers or members drawing any pay whatsoever. Operating funds for both the chapter and its events as well as our charitable donations are raised solely through our raffles, contests, and other events throughout our operating year, funded by the generosity of our membership. 
Joining the CMC is absolutely free, and participation in our fundraising events throughout the year is also optional, but greatly appreciated - our members are what make our chapter great!
Are the rules strict? Not really, all we ask is that you follow our simple to follow CMC National guidelines during club rides, the biggest of which is that we do not allow alcohol to be consumed during any club sanctioned ride, and for overnight rides, not until after we've all hung up our keys for the night. We like to think that most members are perfectly good with that rule as it's in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our members. Yes, there's other guidelines and such as well (you can read all about them at the CMC National website, but they're there to help us all enjoy ourselves safely.

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