Up for a friendly challenge?

Every season CMC094 runs a friendly challenge. Some of us take it more seriously than others. Really, it's not a competition.  Really.  Honestly.   Some of us just enjoy the competition.   Er, Challenge!

In all seriousness, it's something we have fun with.    High mile rider or not, there's some fun and prizes at the end of the season for everyone who participates.

2020 Mileage Challenge Final Numbers Below
(The first summer of Covid)

2021 Mileage Challenge Results Below
(The second summer of Covid)

Our 2022 Mileage challenge was another great summer of fun although we didn't have as many participants as we hoped!

For 2023 we are switching up our mileage challenge with a prize every month for a random rider closest to a random mileage number picked every month. Now not only the high-milers will win, you could win with only 10km submitted in any particular month from the April to October period!

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